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Middle Curriculum

At this stage children become capable of divergent thinking through challenging experiences which allow them to grasp the various academic and non-academic areas to move into the middle school level well equipped.

Language skills :
English language skills (verbal and non-verbal) are done through various reading and writing activities.
Various individual and group activities that develop writing as well as speaking skills.

Arithmetic and mathematical skills :
Arithmetic and mathematical skills are encouraged through the habit of practice coupled with a deep interest in logical reasoning and analysis.
Through abstract reasoning, measuring activities and cognitive abilities.

Scientific skills :
Experimental investigation in laboratories
Enhancing their diagrammatical skills with the help of digital support.
Research based projects to connect them with scientific world.
Science exhibitions to explore their interpersonal skills.

Social studies :
Social Studies can actually develop multiple skills of analysis where students interpret the past, compare it to the present and derive implications for the future .
Analyzing the earth on which we live and the various planets that has shaped the present.
Innovative activities ,plays, models for making the learning most interesting and challenging.

General knowledge and Moral values :
Value Based Education
The focus on value education still remains strong in KMPS. The students imbibe the essential qualities of honesty, fair play, empathy, courage, integrity, compassion, loyalty and courtesy through morning assemblies, celebration of festivals and day- to- day interaction with the teachers. The effort is to guide the students towards appropriate behaviour and development of a strong character.
Quiz, puzzles and various interesting games keep the students interested and well acquainted with the latest news .
Students learn essential morals, values and principles through story sessions, role plays and screening of value-based short movies, values in self-learning mode from an early age.