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Primary Curriculum

At this budding stage feelings of love and protection are nurtured to make the toddlers feel at ease and comfort. In KMPS, we follow the First Touch Learning in which each child is treated and giving individual attention. By this approach, they must feel happy and excited to come to school with a motivation to explore and understand their environment.

Talking with others about personal meaningful experiences.
Describing objects, events, and relations.
Having fun with language: listening to stories and poems, making up stories and rhymes.
Writing in various ways: drawing, scribbling, letter like forms. invented spelling, conventional forms.
Reading in various ways: reading storybooks, signs and symbols, one’s own writing.
Dictating stories.

Social and Emotional Development :
Taking care of one’s own needs by giving individual attention to each child.
Expressing feelings in words.
Creating and experiencing collaborative play.
Dealing with social conflict.

Physical Development, Health, and Well-Being :
Moving in non-locomotors ways (anchored movement: bending, twisting, rocking, swinging one’s arms.
Moving in loco-motor ways (non-anchored movement: running, jumping, hopping, skipping, marching).
Moving with objects.
Expressing creativity in movement.
Describing movement by common to special beats.

Arts and Sciences :
Paper tearing and crumpling.
Water colours- dabbing.
Finger painting.
Printing with vegetables.
Care of materials.
Clean up routines.
Collage with wide variety of materials.
Filling colours and Stamping.

Mathematical Skills :
Number games through ABACUS .
Finger plays.
Number songs.
Number stories.
Counting objects in environment.
Recognizing shapes-circle, square etc.
Relating shapes to objects in the surrounding.
Reinforcing activities.