Admission/Admission Procedure

Admissions to classes are made by the school authorities, based on the norms of selection and the availability of seats.

Every candidate for admission must be introduced by the parent/guardian who will be responsible for his/her conduct, progress in studies, discipline and payment of fees.

The Principal reserves the right of refusing admission to a pupil without any reason for it. He also reserves the right of refusing continued studies of any pupil whose conduct is found unsatisfactory or who is not benefitting by his stay and study in the school.

Admission to KMPS is restricted by certain government regulations and by condition of age, mental attitude, ability, and conduct of the candidate. Applicants for admission will be interviewed, tested and admitted to the standard they are found fit, according to the vacancies available.

Parents are given an option to choose branch according to their convenience as school has 5 branches. They have to continue with the same branch once selected no change will be entertained.

Transfer certificates will be issued only when the parent/guardian applies for it in the prescribed form after all the dues have been cleared in the office. Fees are due as long as no notice of withdrawal of student from school is given.

Duplicates of transfer certificates will not be issued unless the request is supported by an affidavit, stating reason for the request, with prescribed fee.