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At Kanha Makhan Kids Pride , our foremost priority is to establish a nurturing and secure haven that fosters both emotional and intellectual growth in our students. We are deeply committed to nurturing their confidence, empowering them to embrace their unique talents and passions, and guiding them towards choices that align with their individuality.
Following THE KANHA MAKHAN WAY, we are dedicated to delivering an internationally acclaimed standard of education. Through our Curiosity-Driven Learning approach, we aim to cultivate curious, confident, and successful learners who are equipped to thrive in any environment. At our school, education knows no bounds as we encourage each student to explore, question, and evolve on their educational journey.
Join us at Kanha Makhan Kids Pride , where we redefine education and pride ourselves on creating a supportive community that celebrates the diverse talents and potentials of every child.

 Cognitive Intelligence (CI)       Social Intelligence (SI)
 Emotional Intelligence (EI)       Resilience Quotient (RQ)

The Kanha Makhan Way imparts diverse literacies to enrich your child's learning journey.

 Language Literacy       Numeracy Literacy       Scientific Literacy       Digital Literacy       Visual Literacy       Cultural Literacy       Social and Emotional Literacy      

Knowledge transcends the confines of textbooks, nurturing the delight of learning through ceaseless exploration and comprehension.


1. Imports essential life skills.
2. Enhances learning & interaction through fun with exclusive Kits.
3. Cultivates creativity and develops curiosity.
4. Improves imagination through art & craft.

KG 1

1. Hands on discovery and exploring with exclusive kits.
2. Developing language skills.
3. Engaging children physically emotionally & socially.
4.Encouraging learner of new age school

KG 2

1. Building and enhancing vocabulary.
2. Developing attention span.
3. Innovative methods to Enhance Reading & writing skills.
4. Preparing children for Primary.


1. Communication skills.
2. Creativity, curiosity and imagination.
3. Critical thinking and problem solving.
4. Time Management
5. Panchkosh


1. collaboration across networks
2. Goal orientation
3. Adaptability and agility
4. Leadership
5. Panchkosh


1. Creativity and innovation
2. Digital literacy
3. Analytical thinking
4. Effective oral and written communication
5. Panchkosh